James Familar - BSc (Hons), GAIG
Consultant (Coal and Field Services), James Familar is a Geologist who has provided technical services to clients mainly on coal exploration in New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia.  James has also worked on Cu/Mo, gold, tin and iron projects and has considerable experience in coal seam gas desorption.  James has very strong field organisational skills and excellent reporting skills.  

James has a Bachelor of Science with first class honours in Earth and Environmental Science from University of Wollongong and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.





Katharine Hannant - BSc. (Hons)
Consultant (Coal, Katharine Hannant is a Geologist having excellent qualifications with first class honours in her undergraduate degree in Geology and a pass with Distinction in her Masters degree in Global Change. Since joining Geos Mining, Katharine has worked on a range of mineral and coal projects, across New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia and is now JORC competent in coal. Her skills cover field work, GIS, data management, 3D modelling and reporting. Katharine also has previous experience in the environmental and geotechnical sector in Australia and the UK and has been involved in soil contamination issues, risk assessment, testing and site inspections.

Katharine has excellent qualifications with a Bachelor of Science degree with first class honours in Geology with Earth Science and a pass with Distinction in her Masters degree in Global Change from University of Plymouth.



Kamalpreet Reel - BSc (Hons), MSc.
Tenements Geologist, Kamalpreet Reel has worked in the oil sands mining industry for one year as a student geologist. Since joining Geos Mining, Kamal worked on several NSW coal projects and developed skills in the application of geological and GIS software. Kamal assists in the management of clients' mineral tenements, including statutory reporting, applications for renewal and submitting reports.

Kamal has a BSc (Honours) in Environmental Geosciences (2008) and a MSc in Earth Sciences (2010) from Brock University, Ontario, Canada.