Exploration Project Management

Geos Mining is a full service provider when it comes to exploration. The company undertakes exploration activities on behalf of clients in a responsible manner that respects the environment at all stages of the operations. All exploration activities are planned, performed and monitored to ensure that adverse effects on the environment are minimised and remediated or avoided.

  • Landholder access work in all states of Australia
  • Exploration planning and logistics
  • Exploration database design and management
  • Site preparation & rehabilitation work
  • Drilling, geochemical and geophysical survey planning and management
  • Fugitive Emissions and Coal Seam Gas work
  • Workplace Health Safety and Environment management
    • Comprehensive system, compliant with current Australian legislation
    • System can be adapted to all projects
    • Specialised expertise in Queensland coal regulations

Land Management

Land access can become something of an afterthought in the planning of an exploration program. If neglected or improperly planned, land access issues can have a serious negative impact on the ability to complete exploration programs on time and within budget.

Geos Mining has broad experience in liaising with landholders. With a dedicated Land Manager, who has a strong rural background, Earthworks Supervisor and Senior Geologists with many years of experience, Geos Mining provides access solutions for mineral explorers in all settings of Australia.

Cultural heritage and native title issues, rehabilitation management and continuous communication with stakeholders are all aspects of the Geos Mining exploration management system.

To properly manage landholder liaisons, Geos Mining utilises a customized version of Consultation Manager, also known as Land Manager.

Land Manager offers:

  • Centralised administration: administering all landholder liaisons from a single interface.
  • Geographic collaboration: empowering personnel both in the office and project sites to access the system simultaneously.
  • Time and cost savings: reducing countless hours of effort through the efficiency of data entry, searching and reporting.
  • Improved accountability: enabling transparency of landholder concerns and issues.
  • No user limits: allowing access to as many users as required.
Land Management

Fugitive Emissions and the Carbon Tax

Under the CSG partners joint venture, Geos Mining offers field and reporting services in Fugitive Emission evaluation for open cut and underground coal mines complying with the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) guidelines. This service uses a Q3 quick crush assessment available from the Intertek Geotech laboratories at Mascot, NSW where our field equipment is based. Geos Mining has completed a significant number of fugitive emissions reports which has assisted companies in dealing with the issues around the new Australian carbon tax.

Fugitive Emissions Evaluations
Fugitive Emissions Estimate

Coal Seam Gas and Intertek partnership

Geos Mining provides full project management of CSG exploration through CSG Partners, its partnership with Intertek Geotech. Intertek Geotech is a geotechnical laboratory specialising in chemical and petrophyscial analyses, including coal seam gas drill core properties.

Coal Seam Gas

Coal Seam Gas Capabilities Statement

Geos Mining provides;

  • Full project management using experienced professionals
  • Data collection and logging of the gas desorption process
    • full digital English logs
    • coal lithotype logging
    • photographs of coal core
    • cleat and fracture description
    • fracture density index calculations
  • Provision of canisters and all equipment necessary for full gas desorption measurement in the field
    • canister desorption
    • purging of canisters
    • desorbable gas measurement at reservoir or ambient temperature
    • collection of samples for gas composition and isotope analyses
  • Data Management & Reporting
    • SQL data management software
    • data corrections including Q2 and Q3 reductions and canister head space
    • plotting of cumulative desorbable gas curves and lost gas calculations
    • reporting total desorbable gas content
    • digital collation of relevant data
    • merging of well-site and coal lithotype logs
    • geophysical correction of logged depths
    • preparation of final geological logs
    • desorption analysis report incorporating the corrected log depths
    • presentation of final logs in correct formats for statutory government reporting in NSW, Qld and SA

Intertek Geotech provides continued analysis of cores in the laboratory, including:

  • long term desorption
  • residual gas determination
  • adsorption isotherm analysis
  • gas composition
  • gas isotopes
  • maceral description
  • vitrinite reflectance
  • proximate analysis (coal); rock eval & TOC (shale)
  • density
  • porosity
  • permeability/ultra low pulse decay permeability
  • core gamma logging
  • CT scanning
  • XRD
  • core photography
  • water/brine analysis

Data Collection

Geos Mining uses state-of-the-art exploration tools and techniques to ensure that the right information is collected in a cost-effective way. Our database services ensure that the field information is properly stored in a customised database that allows for rapid interpretation of the data.

Field data is obtained through a variety of different field data acquisition programs, each specifically chosen to suit the specified commodity. This may involve field mapping, drilling, geochemical and geophysical surveys.

Geos Mining custom-builds complete database systems to suit clients' current and future data requirements from the outset of a project.

Database Services

Client Communication

Geos Mining's in-house Project Management System keeps clients up-to-date with regular project reports and expenditure reports, allowing budgets to be constantly monitored against expenditure.

Geos Mining maintains an in-house web based portal which allows staff to log work activities continuously throughout a project. This system provides clients with up-to-date expenditure reports allowing budgets to be constantly monitored against expenditure.

In addition, field reports are emailed to clients on a daily or weekly basis so that the client is fully aware of the work being completed against the agreed budget.

Coal Exploration - Schematic Diagram