Geos Mining has experience in all coal ranks (ranging from brown coals through sub-bituminous, to anthracites), and a variety of coal project areas in both Australia and overseas. We also have expertise in managing and reporting for coal seam gas (CSG).

We provide full project management services for coal such as, exploration planning and assessment, geological modelling, due diligence and project valuations.

We have personnel who are JORC (2012) competent in coal and are also competent Estimators for coal mine fugitive emissions. Please see our related service ‘CSG & Fugitive Emissions’.


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Some of our clients:

Bounty Mining Limited
Geos Mining has been contracted by Bounty Mining Limited to provide geological services in support of exploration activities for the Wongai Coal Project within EPC2334 in the Laura Basin, North Queensland. This has involved the assessment of all relevant pre‐existing data and two short drilling programmes in 2013 and 2014. Geos Mining has developed a 3D Micromine coal resource model for the Birthday Plains deposit, and prepared a JORC (2012) compliant Coal Resource report for the project. Geos Mining is the designated JORC Competent Person for the Project.

Other work undertaken includes an independent valuation of the Wongai Project for client internal use. Geos Mining also assists Bounty Mining with occasional geological advice, GIS services and tenement management

Dysart Coal Limited
Geos Mining was initially commissioned by Dysart Coal to provide a Valmin compliant current market valuation of the Fairhill Project in the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland, for client internal use.

Geos Mining was then commissioned by Saurashtra Dysart Coal Joint Venture (SDCJV) to complete an Independent Technical Review of the Fairhill Project, and then to update the existing Fairhill Project geological model with results from recent drilling. A full JORC (2012) compliant Coal Resource report was subsequently prepared, and Geos Mining is currently the designated JORC Competent Person for this Project.

Gloucester Resources Limited
Geos Mining was contracted by Gloucester Resources in 2014 and 2015 to manage a 6 month PQ Core and chip drilling programme over their Southwest Duralie and Woods Road project areas in the Gloucester Basin. Following this work Geos Mining also conducted a field mapping exercise over the same project areas. The work resulted in the enhancement of geological and structural knowledge within and the immediate proximal areas to the project areas.

Gordon Resources Limited
Geos Mining has been commissioned by Gordon Resources Ltd, on behalf of the Anglo Pacific Group PLC to undertake ongoing quarterly valuations of private coal royalties, which are generated from a major underground coal project in the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland. The work involves estimating the mine production schedule and private royalty stream on a regular quarterly basis, and determination of Net Present Value using a discounted cash flow valuation method.

Tri-star Petroleum Company
Geos Mining was appointed by Tri-Star Coal Operations to manage a 5 hole exploration drilling programme targeting cola deposits in the Pedirka Basin, Northern Territory. The project resulted in the successful completion of the drilling program which yielded useful geological data which assisted Tri-Star in their evaluation of the project.

Whitehaven Coal Limited
Geos Mining has provided consultancy services to Whitehaven Coal on several of their coal projects over many years. These include providing geological personnel to supervise their Narrabri and Vickery drilling programmes, plus JORC Resource estimation work on several of their projects in the projects in the Gunnedah Coalfield and Ashford Basin. Geos Mining has also provided data management services including updating their site database systems to the current CoalLog format.

Wollongong Coal Limited
Geos Mining have been commissioned to undertake an annual independent valuation of mining and exploration assets belonging Wollongong Coal Limited (WCL). Several valuation methods are applied to arrive at a preferred value, including discounted cash flow analysis based on the WCL life of mine plan and comparable transactions.

YanCoal Australia
Geos Mining has been working with Yancoal since 2013. We have completed resource estimations on two of their sites, Ashton Mine in the Hunter Coalfield and Harrybrandt Project in the Bowen Basin. We have also undertaken work at other mining operations including Moolarben, Cameby Downs, and Premier mines. Geos Mining is the tenement administrator for a large proportion of their tenements.

Work completed by Geos Mining for Yancoal is summarised as follows:
  • Ashton Mine - data management, geological modelling and resource estimation and reporting in accordance with the JORC Code (2012);
  • Harrybrandt Project  - drill log coding, seam re-correlations, geological modelling and resource estimation and reporting in accordance with the JORC Code (2012);
  • Moolarben Mine - field mapping, airborne magnetic radiometric survey and interpretation, reconciliation review and prospectivity review;
  • Cameby Downs mine - Fugitive emissions testing and reporting;
  • Tenement administrators for a large proportion of Yancoal tenements.