CSG & Fugitive Emissions

With our CSG and Fugitive Emissions partners Geos Mining are able to offer a full range of in-house field and analytical services.

Some of our clients: 

  • Sapex Limited
  • Syngas Limited
  • Westralian Gas & Power Limited - Coal Seam Gas potential technical assessment.
  • AGL Upstream Investments Pty Ltd -  Drilling program, gas analysis (via Intertek) and data analysis for CSG well reporting.

Intertek partnership - Coal Seam Gas    

Geos Mining provides full project management of CSG exploration through CSG Partners, its partnership with Intertek Geotech.  Intertek Geotech is a geotechnical laboratory specialising in chemical and petrophyscial analyses, including coal seam gas drill core properties.  Intertek Geotech provides continued analysis of cores in the laboratory.

Geos Mining provides;

  • Full project management using experienced professionals
  • Data collection and logging of the gas desorption process
  • Provision of canisters and all equipment necessary for full gas desorption measurement in the field
  • Data Management & Reporting
 CSG Capability Statement
 CSG Partners

Energetics partnership - Fugitive Emissions  

Geos Mining and Energetics are working together to provide a complete fugitives estimation service for open cut coal mines. We can provide an initial estimate of the magnitude of savings if switching to a higher order method.

Geos Mining has a team of geologists that meet the requirements for an Estimator in the ACARP guidelines and are able to “sign-off” on the fugitives report. Energetics’ Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors will review supporting records and processes to meet NGER legislative requirements.

Fugitive Emissions Evaluations
Fugitive Emissions Estimate