Industrial Minerals

Geos Mining has broad experience in industrial minerals in a variety of project areas in both Australia and overseas. We have expertise in a variety of commodities such as mineral sands, lithium, silica, dimension stone, construction materials and kaolin. See the Commodities homepage for full listing.

We provide full project management services, market studies, exploration planning and assessment, geological modelling, due diligence and project valuations, mining services and expertise in production issues.

Our personnel are JORC (2012) competent in dimension stone, construction materials and a variety of industrial minerals.

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Some of our clients:

Avenir Makatea
Geos Mining are the exploration managers for the Avenir Makatea phosphate deposit located on Makatea Island French Polynesia. As part of this work we have overseen the completion of an initial phase of reconnaissance drilling, undertaken field mapping and provided exploration reporting and geological and exploration advice on a continuing basis.

Broken Hill Prospecting Limited
Geos Mining has been involved with the Copi North drilling programme and have also provided advice with matters such as analysis and project progression.

Coalworks Limited
Geos Mining carried out full project management for Coalworks limestone projects in northern NSW.

FPPV Architecture
Geos Mining was commissioned by FPPV Architecture with regards to the conservation of the Victorian Parliament House. As the original Heatherlie sandstone used to construct the Parliament House is no longer available, Geos Mining was asked to source, test and recommend a suitable alternative dimension stone for the conservation works. Our team successfully located several possibilities and were later asked to compile the physical requirements and specifications for the sandstone to be used in the project.

Iluka Resources Limited
Geos Mining provided geological personnel to Iluka Resorces minerals sands project. Our involvement included resource, supervision of exploration drilling and grade control.

Queensland Industrial Minerals Limited
Geos Mining have carried out full exploration management of Queensland Industrial Minerals Wateranga project. The successful completion of several drilling programmes has led to Geos Mining carrying out further work for QIM including Valuations and Independent Technical Reports.

Skardon River Kaolin Pty Ltd
Geos Mining have been involved with the Skardon River Kaolin project since early 2000's. Our role has included project assessment, exploration management of several drilling programmes, Joint Venture negotiation, government grant applications for kaolin, and tenement management.

SRK Consulting (Hong Kong)
Geos Mining have been working with SRK Consulting (Hong Kong) on many of their Asian projects, across commodities such as Marble, Limestone, Bentonite, Illite, and Serpentinite located in countries including China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. The work we have carried out has included independent reporting, and valuations.