Program Planning and Logistics

Geos Mining has a strong track record of Technical Project Management of small to large exploration projects. We cover all aspects of planning an exploration program including proposals for work programs, budget estimations and logistics.

  • Planning of work programs in consideration of the clients corporate goals
  • Budget estimates and cash flow predictions for proposed work programs
  • Assessment of logistics requirements
  • Assessment of Workplace Health & Safety systems for the work program
  • Assessment of Environmental and Cultural Heritage requirements

Work Program Proposals

Geos Mining can formulate cost effective work programs aimed at satisfying clients' exploration strategies. Work proposals will be fully costed with budget estimates and cash flow schedules. Logistical requirements, i.e. camp preparation and transport options, will also be detailed in client proposals.

WH&S services

Geos Mining holds safety and health as our highest values. We are concerned about safety for employees, families, clients, contractors, visitors and the communities in which we operate. We operate on the basis that safety is everyone's responsibility and that accident and injury risk must be minimised through continuous improvement of our systems.

Geos Mining is cognisant of the differing WH&S requirements for each state of Australia and can compile a Mine Safety Management Plan specific to a client's exploration project. Several of our staff have qualified as Site Senior Executives under Queensland Law

WH&S systems
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Environmental considerations

Geos Mining recognises and values the natural environment and biological diversity. Geos Mining is committed to protecting the environment and shares the community desire to conduct exploration activity in a manner that meets stakeholder's present needs, without compromising the environment for future generations.

Geos Mining can review environmental issues applicable to the client's project. Work program procedures will be designed to minimise adverse effects on the environment.